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Renewing a Domain Name

When you register a domain name, you are agreeing to own the domain name for a specified amount of time, usually a year.  If you got an amazing name, you don't want to lose it after that time, so you will want to renew it. To renew the domain names:

1.    Log into your n.tt account.

2.    Click My product on the top left, then click My Domains.

3.    On this page is a list of all the domains in your account. Choose the domain names you would like to renew. Click the Renew Domain button.

4.    Click on the Cart on the top right of the page to proceed to the Checkout Page.

5.    Select the years you want to renew, method of payment and follow the instructions to complete your renewal transaction by clicking Complete Order.

If a domain name is not renewed it will disappear from the account. If you let a domain name expire that you really want to keep, we may be able to restore it for you.