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The seventh evening of the seventh moon

 It is fast to the Qixi Festival?!

A website has been launched to vote: speaking of festivals, the first thing to think about what to do? Gifts, dinner together, shopping together almost occupy 90% of the votes, and generally considered to send gifts is the most people look forward to, but also the most consistent with the festive atmosphere. A special gift will make the festival more unique and memorable.
And in the seventh lunar month of the festival, what kind of gift can make TA impressive?
Oh ~ Xiaobian know if, can now still single Wang Mei?
But Xiaobian think, no matter what gift, warm heart than sincere love to the. See this a lot of girls will say, I have passed the ear to listen to the age of love, is no longer the simple sentence "I love you" can be touched by the child.
Indeed, the wind had no trace is invisible is empty, see is real.
That can see, "I love you" is true enough, right? If you use "your name, I love you" to your confession, is not that good faith more enough?
Under the tree of Acacia Acacia, said on the Internet, I love you.
Romantic Double Seventh, in your name, say I love you.
August 8th -8 month 12 days, held that net joint fameway registration office. I love you 10 yuan ultra-low promotional price!
This Double Seventh Festival, register "your lover's name, I love you" to express your sincerity!